This is for FREE!Awesome wedding Book

Anyone can get this epic print signature when joining full day for Pre wedding, 12 hours wedding photography and 12 hours for cinematic video, 3 full day package with the 100pages 20cm X 30cm leather cover, yes its true FREE, drop your beautiful word now to [email protected] cc : [email protected]. The digitization of photography has definitely changed the entire approach to wedding photography. as far as deliverables go many people primarily focus on the ability to have easy access to all their digital wedding images along with the flexibility to share them with friends and family across a growing list of digital platforms. It’s so wonderful to actually have a way for all your friends and family to see all your wedding photos via a simple web link or facebook post.

So, many times the experience of seeing your amazing photos actually printed in a physical/tangible form can be forgotten about. It’s an important factor to consider when you’re thinking about what you truly want out of your wedding photos. Sometimes it’s just a totally different feeling to pull out a wedding album than it is to boot up your computer. To look at ink instead of pixels. To hold the memories of your day in your hands… without any need for an outlet.

I keep my wedding albums simple. Here are some photos of my nicest 20X30 leather padded album. I have other various sizes and cover colors available, and a more affordable linen cover. Every album is created by me with custom designed layouts. You can be as involved or not as you’d like in the whole process so you have the perfect way to remember your incredible day. #pandeHeryana

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