5 Tips for PlanningA Destination Wedding

In recent years, many brides and grooms have chosen another beautiful place as a dream wedding, Below i create 5 tips about how to plan a destination wedding, I live in Beautiful place called Bali, i hear about destination wedding and its wonderful and get new experience of course, If you’re an amateur wedding planner mulling over the destination decision, read on for our list of 5 simple helpful tips. 😀

  1. Find the place

This part is the best thing if you want make your day rad, place like forest, mountain, beach wedding or whatever there meaning what your wedding will look perfect, there are so many gorgeous place in Bali especially, you can find blue ocean with cliff wedding, white sand for beach wedding, great fog for mountain and forest wedding, so witch one in part of you? When you find your self in bali don’t forget to explore and discover the place, culture to find the last place where your day will be. outdoor wedding


  1. Make a theme

Your personality will explain by what the design for you wedding, here include your wedding invitation, your color guide, some of detail property, song list all about detail maybe you never know before, because wedding normally set up by hotels or wedding planer, if you want have a great story by the picture of course wedding themes is the big important thing to do. I have done shoot so much wedding since 3 years ago and I can feel who your personality will show from detail part.


  1. Take a time

When you travel somewhere for your wedding destination make sure you arrive 1 week before or extend 1 week after, why? Because you need to know too what happen there, people, culture and all about the place where your wedding will be, in this part I will explain about bali wedding destination and basic for anyplace, anywhere. Bali was great and famous one as wedding destination, some people know bali because of culture and the place, when you just span your day in hotel where you will stay there also provide for another culture show, but there are so much culture not include, you need to explore and discover the place, find what the big interest from bali island, you can try to diving in tulamben, find the real culture and art in ubud, relaxing in nusa penida island, enjoy sunset in tanah lot it’s a big thing you should do when you find your self in bali, if you just sleep, eat and repeat in hotels you will never know what bali have. So note to make some appointment to visit any place, Bali I mean.


  1. Find local Talented

“local people know the place better” since I’m joining as part of wedding industry I know where you was born there are you know more your hometown, when you plan to make a wedding in Bali 1 point you need to do is find a local peoples who can explain you about why I must do wedding in this place, what I can find there, what the big interest and thousand question you can sent to local people who will help you to make your dream wedding.
Im believe any couple plan their wedding by her self, some people use wedding planner service is fair because we have different main set, but as long as you believe with your local talent its will make you easy to plan everything, service include florist, music, photographers, video anything what you need to completely and covered better your day, I say yes Local people have the experience.


  1. Real on Calendar

This part also important to plan for a destination wedding, another country have different session, if you come to another place make sure you have know already the session, also the local event, for bali only we have 2 session, rain session and summer session, down on oct. nov, jan, feb is rain. march, april, may, june, july, august, sept is sunny, cloudy sometimes, you want get more information, pick your back go go go!


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