Black SmithOld black and white movies

Old black and white movies, masters of light and photography, and the 50-70’s iconic imagery all have one thing in common. They celebrate the beauty, simplicity and timeless qualities of gorgeous black and white film. This set pays homage to some of our favorite B&W film inspirations. We hope you love our take on some beautiful classics.

This Blacksmith set includes 12 B&W presets,  4 Grain presets, and 20 Adjustment presets. We have also included 5 Emulsion negative overlay files.  These files were created from actual negatives from the early 1900’s. We have also included a Tone overlay, which when used produces a beautiful warm golden hue.  These overlays can be used in Photoshop after you have exported your B&W image from Lightroom.  Please keep in mind that they will require the right image, and a bit of time and experimentation. The Emulsion overlays in this set are 3840 x 5760 px at 300dpi.  They are designed so you can simply drag them over-top of your B&W JPEG image in Photoshop, and select an Overlay Blend Mode that best suits the individual photo. Our included PDF guide outlines this process in detail.

The Blacksmith Presets are based on the Camera Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with Canon and Nikon files. Our presets are flexible, allowing you to enhance and achieve beautiful edits using both RAW and JPG files.

BW 03 [twentytwenty]Before photo
After Photo[/twentytwenty]BW 07 [twentytwenty]Before photo
After Photo[/twentytwenty]BW 07 [twentytwenty]Before photo
After Photo[/twentytwenty]BW 09 [twentytwenty]Before photo
After Photo[/twentytwenty]

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