Wild PresetSignature by Pande Heryana

Used a Lightroom preset  for professional work it’s very fast and nice result , since the 1st time as a wedding photographers, use a lot of different preset, like VSCO, Black Smith, Archipelago-LXC, Red Leaf so many preset and this time I will make a bit review about my personal preset call wild preset how ever you guys work in photography division, specially as a wedding photography you should try to use this preset to develop your picture, just need 1 click and costume basic channel and your photos ready to export,

Develop picture with different skin tones make easy to use Wild Preset bundle every single photos, the black and white start from smooth until strong +10 Clarity, smooth colour until strong contras you just need to select one and got the nice result, Hover over the photo to see the straight out of camera image. bellow the result, make sure SUBSCRIBE our official website to get the update the preset for FREE.


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