3 Month CeremonyPortrait of my Nephew

Nyambutin ceremony “welcoming” is a ceremony of worship and petition presented to Hyang Widhi “GOD” so blessed soul in the baby and really blend it back to his body, as well as confirmation of the baby’s name and begged permission and blessing to the motherland before being allowed stand feet into the earth.

Nyambutin ceremony “welcoming” was performed at 105 days old / 3 months often also in Bali called “nelubulanin” and fell to the ground, because at that age the baby started to learn to sit, and on the right as a cleansing bath at his birth in the world. a little story of my dear nephew ceremony and she will grow into adulthood and later would become a devoted Daughter to his parents.Bali has variety cultures and tradition, I am proud to be a part of bali so much.

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