Jeje + ApelMy story by a good friends

Well I don’t really know where i will starting this post, I meet before 5 years ago during opening Bali art festival, she is the one and the only one female photographers who joining to documentary the event, Day by day, week to the month, juts go normally I never know what will do, And social network connected us again its was so good, we been communicate better, I don’t know I just fell nice when closed with this girl, and suddenly she just go away for 4 years and just like a deer, free and do what she want, and me too, was busy with work, enjoy with friends, we just have limited communication since the last trip for culture and street photography.

Few month ago she and me just meeting again for photography exhibition and we dedicate to walk together until the day is come, she is was so talented, smart, and I believe she is the girl who I spent  my day. Need more time for it.  it’s a not easy to marry this girl and we make commitment to live together forever until rest of my life. I just want say thank, we are really happy with our life, with the friends we have, and the family. And today right now the moment we be shared with the people we love about the authentic love, real relationship we have. We are never really travel anywhere, and today we go everywhere.

Because they are so busy the RAW file is drop in my computer and  try to edit and put some word thanks to all the guys who help me for taking this beautiful picture, billion thanks man for all the experience, love #Apel+Jeje



I meet Arya 4 years ago when I’m starting as wedding photographers, He the best guy ever i have, joining another project under Apel Photography with the humble and adorable person, and today he help me to shot our engagement under the new company he make, called SANGA STORY. anyone if need photographers or just for hangout to  find the good place in Bali Arya should going with you by a glass of beer or 2000s song list make your trip unforgettable. he also best guys for Melbourne journey.


He is the fat guys ever i know, the smart person, Instagram top Artist from bali, find him on the application @blitutde, i know and running on wedding industry for long time ago, my 1st portrait around 2014 he shoot in epic morning around batur,he always be there for helping me for business or nonprofit project, humble person who love traveling Indonesia with the genk of #MelaliNusantara he will always be a good Leader on the genk, thanks buddy for being a part of my story, your frame was so epic.


Xoxoxo he will getting married next month with the beautiful girl 😀 ok Alit personally are so nice, know each other real by friends connection, he live in Canggu Bali with lots of epic human from Banjar Pelambingan its my fiends too, FYI alit work 100% in my Videography project under ApelPhotography, wherever i shoot wedding with video he the guys as a Leader on the team, one good word after you getting married ” CI HARUS BISA MEMBEDAKAN” congrats buddy I’m so glad to have you in this beautiful life as a brothers and partner.


You are not yet finish study man? how come? the free man from Canggu, this guys the first i know from 4 epic buddy up there. when I’m in university he also going in art devission, he so friendship more that other, go somewhere for UYEEE or just share about daily experience. find him on instagram application with circle every single photos, @Alitparashit. Thanks man you should drink lots of beers on my day.

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  • Apel, congratulation for you and Jeje ....selamat menempuh hidup baru dan semoga langgeng kariwekasan .....

  • putu rintis said:

    nice and beautiful jro dan pande...tiang baru ngeh kalo adengan jro lumayan juga hehe....selamat nggih....semoga bahagia

  • We are thrilled to see your pre-wedding photos. They are absolutely beautiful! Once again, congratulations Pande and Jeje!

    With love from Singapore,
    Scott and OneThreeOneFour team

  • Selamat Bli Pande dan Jeje! Foto-fotonya keren!
    Happily ever after!

  • Dorottya said:

    Congrats Pande & Jeje! Good to see you guys are so happy. Match made in heaven, just as it seen on the photos :) Beautiful pictures by the way. Wishing you all the best!

    Warmest regards, Dorottya&Tibor from Budapest

  • Miah Phillips said:

    Pande! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Lots of love from Miah and Nick. We wish you a life time of happiness and health.

  • Cuti Ka said:

    Congrats! the movie is awesome, like you and your wife heart emoticon heart emoticon

  • Jessica Litwin said:

    Congratulations Pande!! Darren and I are so happy for you!

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