Sony A7 IIIBrand new technology

What up guys, my names is pande heryana, this post I write about brand new technology SONY A 7III, and i’m sure all of you just like my self want to know what the new feature as the greater mirrorless camera nowadays. So this post we gonna find out. This is the best camera photos/video on the market and I believe wedding, film making/ photography camera i’m personally looking for the tree things,
1, camera shoot amazing professional level photos like the best photos you ever make.
2. you camera can shoot the best video, because you guys around youtube watching the filmmaking becoming huge part of actualy lot of people like, so your camera do photos 1st and video 2nd but do video as good as could ever do.
3. the camera battery live is heavy?, images stabilisation is pain to used inspire you to keep created?
Well that the three think what i’m looking for today.

Now Sony camera shoot having incredible images quality, autofocus work incredible even with canon lens for photos, but when Im try to used a Sony lens the autofocus just a fast than Canon 5D mark III +prime lens. LOL it’s a superb snapped, when shooting on canon lens you can used this camera perfectly for photos, you just need adapter, I used MC 11 sigma really enjoyed. How ever dynamic range was actually something I wish impress on this camera, but all of the photos I show you below the colour out from my wild preset, to be honest its work better than my Canon 5D mark III.  the skint one on highlight so beautiful. This camera can shoot 4K 30 frames, Seriously, the base body does NOT come with a battery charger or a cable holder.

One of my favorites feature on SONY is the focus peeking and when you used manual lens on LCD will have a red line, so easy to make sure your abject is focus, the battery live so save, I shoot 12 hours wedding last weeks and still 65% its wraps. The viewfinder its real what your photos look like, also the screen can move to down for the high angel and up for low angle Sony know what I want any some friends needed this feature so kind, and also you just need to touch some point the focused will kill the point superb fast. This will be my sweet heart for a next couple years.

Sony FE 28mm f/2 Lens

Sony Planar T* FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA Lens

Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt-Shift Lens

Canon EF 85mm F1,2L II USM  Lens

Sigma MC-11 Converter

exploring to be continue …

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