Year In Review2017 Year In Review | Thankful

2017 was a year that i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to fully comprehend. to put it all into words I feel would be impossible. it’ll be the year for me where everything changed. professionally and personally. i feel 2017 was just the beginning of what i want to do again. what i want to see again and again. what i want to document with my camera. 2018 will be my best year of this incredible journey as a photographer and the next level of my status as husband of sweet one and the only one @JejePrimaw, father from my beautiful daughter NADAYU SENJA. I have said it a thousand times and will say it a thousand times more. i am so incredibly grateful for my life. humbled. each new location i find myself in i always take a moment. to stand there and take it all in. to be present. to be in the here and now. to stand in silence and truly appreciate what it is that my family and my couples allow me to do. and every single time i do this, it ends the same…freaking awesome really cool. also the beginning of 2018 CAHYNA & ALIT will be a half of Apel Photography artist Partner, BTW the the Triangle BATAN SABO now is open for public, mostly for couple, good place for Elopement session, promised <3

And the last one, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and smile. thank you everyone for this sweet 2017 #PandeHeryana #Grateful #SenjaFamily


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