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  • jacky said:

    I just love your wedding photo's in bambouindah!! Beautiful!!! Pure talent!!

  • Drew W said:

    My mind is blown. So damn beautiful,Pande.

  • Andrean said:

    - hello from norway!

    beautiful photographs Pande. i’m sorry for asking but do you blur any of your images in post or do you use tilt shift lenses a lot? if so, which one(s)?

    i’d love it if you took the time to answer.

  • Kelly Tunney said:

    Off the charts crazy good Jonas!

  • Paul said:

    Incredibly good Pande what a year you had! Awesome shots!

  • Sarah D said:

    you have the coolest clients in the world.

  • Mussi said:

    Awesome! As usual :) I'll need to get married soon so i can have art like these.

  • jenifer said:

    so good work.. congrats and all the best for the 2105

  • Natan said:

    Crazy good selection, Mr. Pande, incredible work, look forward for 2015 <3

  • Sachin said:

    Incredible year Pande. All the best for 2015.

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