Yadnya Kasada 2012BromoTrip Days IV

Thousands of Tengger tribe who settled at the Pura Agung Yadnya Kasada. Customary ritual celebration was concluded with Yadnya Kasada arth alms to one vortex of the earth, the crater of Mount Bromo.
Tengger tribe who settled districts surrounding Mount Bromo The rituals begin this since last Tuesday by mendak tirta (taking water) in a number of springs in the area of Mount Bromo. Kasada Yadnya celebration rituals is the most awaited moment of domestic and foreign tourists to visit Mount Bromo. At three times the celebration Yadnya Kasada or since 2010, always in conjunction with the month of Ramadan. Thus indirectly affect the number of tourists. But in 2013, the celebration Yadnya Kasada no longer coincided with the month of Ramadan.

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  • Pepper said:

    That's way more clveer than I was expecting. Thanks!

  • Passion said:

    These photographs are amazing! You capture moments beutifully and you have an extraordinary eye for color and shape. Great job!

  • Danby said:

    Awesome photography and superbly written. Keep up the excellent stuff!

  • song said:

    do you know when is Yadnya kasada for year 2013?

    • apel said:

      Middle of august, :D sorry i don't know the real date of the day :D thx so much