Carly + Mark

Yes We are Wedding Photographers, thank you’ve always stay tune on this blog page chanel. This post is about the wedding couples call Carly and Mike. He was very friendly and polite. Family is also very good. I did a photo shoot with Arya ranging from makeup around 3pm until the ends of processions in the first dance party. Housed in a cool place I think this my most stunning wedding. In the area Pecatu Ungasan Villa precisely at THE EDGE Villas adjacent to the magnificent villa hospitality BVLGARI Bali. I am proud as a Bali wedding photographers can play with my camera and a diagonal pose which I think is interesting in journalism wedding photography. “Amor” Thank you for inviting me to this Awesome event. And last word, Congratulations Carly and Mark I hope you are always be happy.With Love From Bali. PANDE.

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  • william said:

    Beautiful photos of you all!! so lovely to see the results of a wonderful wedding day at The Edge Villas. Stunning

  • Amedar said:

    Wow, freakin’ brilliant photography. You made that ceremony light work so well.

  • Brieyet said:

    Awesome wedding! Looks like a fun day :)

  • Hari Nityananda said:

    waaaww...kk..two thumbs up :D

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