PortraitThe Art of Old Faces

wrinkles on your face
show the miles
in your journey

large cushions of flesh
sit swollen beneath the lids

aged with time,
gray hair, brittle and bare,
stand like the branches
of late autumn alders

indiscriminate, gravity’s pull
visibly viewed in the sagging skin

but hidden behind
the sparkle in your eyes,
and the quiet smile of your pursed lips,
are unseen passions and desires
which continue
to give you life

*For Writing 101 Poetry, Day 9: Camouglage (#2)  FT Ledrew

Fine Art Photography is a one of the genre that I like, want to explore the face with awesome texture, yupp it is enough to hunt some OLD FACE in Nusa Penida, close family and permission to be shot grandparents who already have a lifespan of more than 100 years, crazy!! … that old age is still Fresh and awesome, “I have 23 new old face-how can be like 100 years the remains of the road” SO WHAT its me guys …. 3 faces of the village of save, such as vacation tomorrow, tomorrow can be longer and return to my hometown, I wanted to add a collection of old faces, hopefully within a period of 2 years can collect hundreds of faces of Nusa Penida, friendly and most importantly the food treated. OK I hope is entertained by some of the last holiday pictures yesterday. See the next topic in my Journey yow.

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  • Tina Obo said:

    Hello I would just want to ask are this pictures photos or an artwork, if so, what kind of medium is it.

  • Jason Hernandez said:

    I want to take some photos of my grandparents and want to know what editing style or photography techniques you used to get these images. I love the contrast and accentuatiom of the wrinkles.

  • ellin dasent said:

    i love these, i am doing a project on texture at school.did you take these on an slr, or digital?

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  • john said:

    love your works ..i wonder if it would be possible to use one of your photo's as inspiration for a black and white acrlic on canvas

  • jan van luyn said:

    good day to you, my name is Jan van Luyn form the Netherlands. I am a painter and like to ask you permission to use some of your photos for my paintings. I would be olbliged and looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you and with kind regards,
    jan van luyn

  • Sergant Renaud said:

    Cher photographe,
    je suis tombé amoureux de votre cliché de la personne âgée (Bali avec le ruban dans les cheveux).
    Vendez-vous cette photographie ? je serais ravi de pouvoir en faire l'acquisition.
    N'hésitez pas à me répondre afin que nous puissions trouvé une solution. D'avance merci

  • Harry Kay said:

    Hello! I absolutely love your photos and wondered if it was possible to use/purchase the black and white image of the old lady at the top of this page? It would just be for personal use in our home.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks