REOG PONOROGOOne of Indonesian Culture

Reog Ponorogo is unique traditional culture from Indonesia especially from Ponorogo East Java. this tradition is identical with mistic. The most popular character in Reog Ponorogo is Warok and Gemblak. the history of Reog Ponorogo is from the legend of rebellion of Ki Ageng Kutu that is the servant of Majapahit Kingdom who the king had bad attitude. Ki Ageng Kutu left the Kingdom and invited the young people to go with him and they learned about mystical and self defense to strive again the kingdom, the message that Ki Ageng Kutu wanted to deliver to the kingdom is showed by Reog Performance as allusion to Kingdom.
In Reog Ponorogo, it’s performed the people who wear mask of lion head which is called ” Singa Barong” as the symbol of Kertabumi or the king of Majapahit. on top of the must they put feather of peacock which is like giant fan which symbolize China who also hold up their life. there is character which is called jatilan that is acted by the dancer who called Gemblak that symbolize
the solder of Majapahit. The character which is symbolizing Ki Ageng Kerta is called Warok that is the actor who wear red clown uniform. Warok lift up Singa Barong by using their theeth. the weight of Singa Barong is for about 50 kg so it is impossible if the ordinary people do that without magic. Source

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