Gianni + Marion

Yes Good News from June. one of our best friend LEVIN W, suggest one the guys for a shoot beautiful Moment in Bali, yes they are Gianni + Marion perfect couple from France, one to be model in Europe and soccer player in France. too pretty and handsome, This Couple very very amazing, friendly, just need 2 (two) hours for a shoot at W-retreat & Spa Bali. Short but awesome. they also get our official merchandise APSTUFF as a good give cause they very very amazing for our journey. will so glad if they invite me to come to France from shoot there in next summer. one word i say before you check all what i get from yesterday. “guys you know what i create and you are true what i want for a style you need. Thanks so much for the good work and see u again in next summer 🙂 #Pande

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