Padang SavanaBromoTrip Days II

Once I was climbing the entourage of directly down the hill using JEPP 4X4 super cool. Towards a “Pasir Berbisik” and “Padang Savana”, where this crazy broad, beautiful, cool and very charming. The natural beauty of Savana is one of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National. Satisfied as we go to “Padang Savana” whispering Sand call “Bias Kisi-Kisi / Pasir Berbisik”. Along the way, I am still amazed at the Padang Savana. and still believes, Bias Kisi-Kisi is also not cool to lose. definitely beyond my expectations. beyond my imagination. think like that before, and eventually was captured pretty fascinating.

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  • Dedot said:

    tetep misi foton ci ne pel, kekekeke

    • apel said:

      kangoang. pang ngenah gen raga kemu :)) :)) huakakkka

      • Loqman said:

        sof - I've followed your (text) blog for a coplue of years now.and kept an especially sharp eye out for your photography work,so now I have to say. you've really made sure that the way you tell stories translates into film. you should be proud of that, because you're exceptional at both. if I ever get married I hope you'll still be around for this kind of work.

      • Jetsin said:

        It's like you're on a misoisn to save me time and money!

    • Hammad said:

      - Jag skriver det he4r allt ff6r se4llan (e4ven om du nog fe5r hf6ra det gasnka ofta e4nde5) men du e4r ve4ldigt duktig pe5 det du gf6r.Jag har ff6ljt dig ett tag (alltse5 din blogg, inte som en stalker) och jag e4r verkligen imponerad f6ver att du ve5gade bryta fre5n ditt gamla jobb och bf6rja med ett nytt. c4ven f6ver att du lyckats se5 bra med det.Fe5r man fre5ga om du har ne5got favoritobjektiv till din kamera? och e4r det ff6rresten okej att kommentera i din blogg pe5 svenska?Ha det fint.

    • Jacalyn said:

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  • Osman said:

    Gabor Dorogi - Dear Sir or Madam,I would like to request an offer for tnkiag photographs (and videos in optional) on our wedding day (only for ceremony) on Bali somewhere outdoor on beach end of April, 2011. We would like to ask only digital (big) format on DVD without paper photos what we also can edit. We are waiting for your reply! Pls. let me know if you need any more information for your offer. Thank you very much!Best regards,Gabor Dorogi

  • Sizer said:

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  • Riss said:

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  • Lyle Levans said:

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