Perang PandanBalinese Warrior call

Perang pandan is a ceremony performed offering ceremony in honor of Lord Indra (the god of war) and the ancestors. yhis war called mekare-kare. This ritual ceremony is held each year the month of June in the village of Tenganan, which is located at 70 km east of Denpasar Bali approximately 70 minutes using a motor vehicle, enter one of the village is an old village in Bali, Bali Aga village is called. Location of this village surrounded by hills, while the shape of his own village like a fortress worthy of only having four entrances to the system of care, so much easier to know who is coming and going from the village. Beliefs held by different villages Tenganan Bali citizens in general. Tenganan villagers have written rules or “awig-awig” are inherited from generation to generation by their ancestors, also does not recognize caste and believed to be the god Indra is the god of all gods. Lord Indra is the god of war.


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